Stars in Africa

In the perspective of the EU-Africa Summit, the Stars in Africa Forum is the result of a global initiative that promotes youth entrepreneurship as actors of inclusive and sustainable growth in the continent.
Stars in Africa organized by MEDEF, AGYP Powered by MEDEF and MEDEF International is a grand gathering of do-ers, businesses, decision market-makers, high level stake holders, key economic actors and start-ups operating in innovative sectors.

An annual B2B meeting point...

…strengthen by the presence of global business decision makers such as Business Africa and Business Europe, powered by regional and local employers union delegation such as Kepsa

More than a simple business gathering, Stars in Africa has a global ambition by covering large field of expertise: 

  • Businesses
  • Business federation
  • Education & Training
  • Institutions

Based on a three-year momentum,
this forum aims to highlight all the invited continents
to initiate and follow up concrete actions:


Announcements, matchmaking, marketplaces


Startup contest and Awards


Local Actions and Commitments for youth