Business Africa Entrepreneur of the Year

The Business Africa Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, in partnership with the Institut Choiseul, aims to convey the African business success stories and encourage entrepreneurship. Celebrating significant African entrepreneurship achievement figures of whom activities properly perform whether on the African continent or French territory.
This prize challenges a selected high ranking entrepreneurial personalities through a unique awarding model allying a classification of recognized entrepreneurs and a jury constituted by famous and experts business peers, made up of president of African employers union, high level personalities, representatives of international institutions committed to promote entrepreneurship, who come to pay tribute to professional success.

4 categories

• Entrepreneur of the year Award
• Woman entrepreneur of the year Award
• Young entrepreneur of the year Award
• Special mention of the Business Africa jury Award


Stars in Africa Awards

Stars in Africa Awards highlight 18 disruptives startups, innovative and operating in Africa in 6 key clusters.

The pre-screened startups company have the opportunity to participate to a pitch contest allowing them to enhance their activities. Each category will have 1 startup company award by a specific jury composed of high level partners and companies CEOs. This event gives to all participants an international visibility inside startups’ ecosystems and innovative sphere.

The winner will have access to a network that gathers large groups, startups, SMEs, investors and receives support and a high level counseling from experts in accelerating their growth and a one-year monitoring offered by a multinational firm or company supporting the Awards.

Energy & Environment

Health & Better Living

ITC, Digital & Tech Industry

Education & Training



Who can register to the contest?

  • All startup companies operating in Africa for at least a year and generating profits
  • All nationalities are accepted

To attend the Startup contest, each structure must

  • Be innovative in their sector of activity
  • Be sustainable and have a strategic long run perspective
  • Measure their social and societal impact
  • Have a cost-effective business model
  • Have an internationally oriented mindset
  • Be keen in opening up to international

Registration and selection process

  • Get registered to the Stars in Africa Forum as a startup
  • Fill the registration you will receive by email
  • For 18 startups selected (3 per category), an email will be sent 3-weeks prior to the Forum
  • Each selected candidate will have to pitch during the Forum (5 minutes illustrated by 5 pictures significant of the startup's activities)
  • Each winner will be chosen by a jury of experts

Award Ceremony

  • Each winner (total 6) will be announced during the closing Ceremony by a renown CEO or a Business Federation representative. 
  • Each winner will be officially part of the KPMG's Hello Open World network and be accompanied and monitored by a large company.